Club Penguin Rewritten Improvement Project

Club Penguin Rewritten Server Test

The Club Penguin Rewritten Team is working on new servers that will make Club Penguin Rewritten faster, stronger and better than ever. Before we can launch the new servers, they need to be tested to make sure they work properly. That's where you come in—we need your help!


  • Sign up! It's easy. Enter your current penguin name and password below, then play like you normally would in Club Penguin Rewritten: decorate your igloo, dress up, throw parties, play games and have fun with your friends.
  • The 'real' penguin you use normally in Club Penguin Rewritten is NOT connected to the penguin you use for Server Test. They are two separate penguin accounts.
  • When Server Test ends, the site and all the penguins will be deleted.
  • Everything the team is testing is behind the scenes so you won't see any visual changes to the game.
  • Please report bugs when you find them.
  • If you can't login, it may be down for maintenance or filled with penguins. Check back later to find out if its open again.
  • Club Penguin Rewritten Rules apply. If you find penguins breaking these rules, report them to the Club Penguin Rewritten team.
  • Note: You must be logged off of Club Penguin Rewritten to recieve the Red Hard Hat.


I agree and understand my test penguin and its activity is not in any way connected to my regular penguin account. The test penguin will NOT affect my regular penguin, its coins, inventory or history in the regular game. I also agree and understand that the test penguin I create is temporary and will be deleted when the test is over.

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